Sprint and Android, what to look for ?

Sprint Android

In the US at least there are 4 major mobile phone carriers, those being :
1. AT&T
2. T-Mobile
3. Verizon
4. Sprint
Today’s post concerns the latter of this list , Sprint. If you told me you’d never heard of Sprint, I’d be surprised, the sprint logo has made its way to billboards right across America.

As I am now a sprint user. After extensive research regarding the best handset and carrier to invest in I am here to talk about the process I went through when choosing my Android device and how I eventually ended up making a decision. Initially I was interested in purchasing an Android device after seeing the new version of the Android Market, Google Play. I was interested in the wealth of apps for android available and so thought I’d make a change when it came time to renew my old contract. Below is what I considered upon making that decision.

Sprint Android

1. Firstly of course, review your carrier. Each of the four big US carriers offer different handsets. Once you have determined a phone, you can choose your carrier accordingly. However, don’t be blinded by the specifications of a particular handset, you may find it more cost effective to seek out the most appropriate charges based on carrier and not on handset, Do sufficient research in that regard before signing anything.
2. Cost of the phone itself is of some importance. You may be sacrificing quality but you may too be saving in the long run. Be sure to weigh up the pros and cons of plans vs phone cost.
3. As you are considering purchasing a smartphone, ask yourself what the primary reason for doing so is. One would think that reason would be browsing the internet. If this is so then you should of course consider the additional data roaming charges you will undoubtedly incur. Ask yourself, what is the best plan for me, according to my usage and how can I get the most out of my carrier with regards to exactly how often and how much data I need access to while online on my phone.

For this writer at least, the cost of your phone itself, the base cost (calling, texting) and your data roaming are primary areas of concerning when considering a contract with any carrier. Be sure to do sufficient research. Perhaps even make an audit detailing your specific needs so when the time comes to compare deals you will know in very clear terms exactly what it is you require. I hope this short guide has helped you on your way to finding the perfect mobile phone carrier.

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