Plug In Your iPad for Business Benefits

Plug In Your iPad for Business Benefits

Plug In Your iPad for Business Benefits

If you do a lot of remote working, you probably spend a lot of time glued to your laptop and your smartphone.  Have you ever considered using your iPad to make your work life easier ?  The iPad is fast, powerful, easy to use, and boasts a store full of handy apps.  If you’re going to work on the road, you may as well do it in style.

Some of the most useful apps for the iPad include:

1. Evernote – a free, easy to use tool for storing text, voice recordings, photographs, and other bits of information.  If you see something interesting – or have a great idea that you want to follow up on later – make a note of it in Evernote.   The notes are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any internet capable device.

2. Scanner Pro – This app costs $6.99, but it’s very useful – you can use your iPhone or iPad’s camera as a scanner to make copies of invoices, receipts, business cards, and other documents.  It can turn these into PDFs, which you can then email off to the office.  A must have for anyone that does a lot of remote working.

3. Jump Desktop – No matter how sophisticated the unified communications tools your IT department offers, there will be occasions when you wished you had access to your main desktop PC.  This application allows you to browse your computer and access files no matter where you are.

Plug In Your iPad for Business Benefits

The Downside to Using Your Own Tech

If you’re allowed to do a lot of your work away from the office, then this means that your boss has a lot of trust in you, and they probably won’t mind you using your own devices for some of that work.  Don’t abuse that trust by causing security problems for your company.

Your IT department has probably invested a lot of time and money in setting up secure, standardised unified communications set up.  If you decide not to use the tools that they have put together, and instead bring your own device onto the network, you are creating an additional support burden, and could be unwittingly putting your employer’s business at risk.  If you lose your device – what will happen to the information on it? If your device fails, do you have backups of all of the information on it?  If you need to share information with a colleague, is your device compatible with the device that they are using?

Remote working affords you a lot of flexibility and freedom. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you look after the information you are working with, and keep your employer’s network secure.  If you have any doubts about using your own device for work, speak to your IT department and listen to what they have to say.  There may be a good reason for their choice of hardware and software.  If you have a reason for preferring your own device, see if you can work with your IT department to come to a good compromise.

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This post was written on behalf of Maintel, the remote working experts. For more info on unified communications, please click here.


  1. iPad is definitely a great help right now not just for luxury purposes but for business as well.. Actually, even in school, it can be a help too..

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