Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900: The Exotic Technology!

The giants of Smartphone industry are looking for ways to bring in more and more innovation everyday. It’s enigmatic to see hilarious efforts by Nokia to be the first in the throne once again! With the recent launch of Nokia Lumia 900, it is little doubted that Nokia has not, yet, lost the battle of fame and glory! Nokia Lumia 900 has not only revitalized the technology world but it also backed Nokia Company and brought it into focus once again! Let’s talk about the features of this handset.

Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Nokia Lumia 800 :

If you have had your eyes on Nokia Lumia 800, this new smartphone (Lumia 900) is going to give you same Goosebumps of excitement. Lumia 900 is, however, a more advanced version of its previous edition. You may call it the “Big-Bro” of Lumia 800. The overall build is a replica of Nokia Lumia 800 (

However, Nokia has upgraded the screen to a 3.7 inches with a 4.3 inches display AMOLED. The design insipiration from iPod Nano is also there in Nokia Lumia 900, along with, the eye grabbing polycarbonate uni-body (that is without any paint). The Gorilla glass display is also there. The casing colors are also the same as they were for Lumia 800 (i.e. cyan blue and matte black). Towards the right side of the phone, there is a hard unobtrusive camera, as well as the volume keys; while, micro USB charging slot and headphone port lie towards the foot of the device.

Nokia Lumia 900 differs from 800 on the basis of size and some other features, such as the 1MPx camera (front facing), that supports video conferencing. Lumia 900 also has a wide angled lens on backside. All in all, this device casts a very youthful light into the world of smartphones and is the finest design so far.

Nokia Lumia 900

Features of Nokia Lumia 900 :

Lumia 900 also brings Mango or Win Mobile 7.5; there are approximately 250 latest features in this smartphone that includes threaded messages, IE9, enhanced Xbox integrated Live, improved live tiles (that displays maximum info on the home screen) and multi-tasking ability. The camera of Lumia 900 is also very fast and the 4G internet (LTE) is the undoubtedly the show-stopper! In addition to these features, there are Bluetooth, WI-FI and USB functionality as well.

Screening the Screen of Nokia Lumia 900!

The 4.3 inches screen of Lumia 900 is definitely a great joy to the touch-screen lovers. Also, the Gorilla Glass display is another pleasurable thing to type on. The smartphone proudly claims a 800×480 pixels resolution, with the very familiar Clear Black tech. Moreover, the Live Tiles by Windows Mobile OS shines brightly and gives a new height to the device.


Nokia Lumia 900 is an exclusive handset by Nokia and its launch has been announced at CES 2012. Nokia is hoping a big deal of customer appraisal from this smartphone as this is going to be the very first 4G LTE set by Nokia!

With the integration of Windows Mobile with Nokia Lumia 900, both companies are going to enjoy a successful new year of technology. Moreover, HTC Andriod, definitely has a lot to munch on, after the launch of Nokia Lumia 900. Without any doubts Nokia Lumia 900 turns out to be the best smartphones in a long while.

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