Must have Party Planning Apps

Party Planning Apps


Planning a party isn’t easy in the current complicated environment of today’s world.  Everyone seems busy enough to spare some time on all the chaotic work of party management. Smart phones, one of the best developments in the technological world, bring the perfect solution i.e. party planning applications. Now, you don’t have to worry about organizing a party at all. These applications will work out the most of the tough work for you, for instance, invitation handling, menu writing, venue choice, floral selection etc. Variety of applications is now available in different smart phones’ stores which provide you with ease and comfort in organizing any event even on short notices.


Event Planning Application was developed by an event organizer firm, Party Aficionado. The application is the best party planning tool particularly designed in order to give the assistance in choosing the best available option of venues of the particular area based on number of guests you have planned to invite. The convincing feature of the application is the budget calculator that constantly tells about the budget with every further activity while planning. It also helps to choose the budget friendly options in case of menu & venue.

Party Planning Apps


For planning any event or party, soiree party planner is the best application you have to install on your handy sets in order to avoid the party chaos. You will be having fun while planning all the stuff for the party with the particular simple, yet elegant tool. Once you upload the information on the party planner, your worry will be over. Soiree planner will help you deciding your desired theme, selecting the particular menu which goes with your theme, recording the RSVPs and also keeping the track of your shopping lists or other errands of the party. The application will also record your one time preferences for future use or reference.


Evite is an amazing party planning service having a number of convenient & related tools. What you have to do is to create the event for the upcoming party. The invitations to the guests are sent automatically through emails. They can respond by choosing maybe, yes or no. The event will include all the relevant information of the party including the venue, menu, and also the theme which the guests have to follow in their outfits.


Punchbowl is yet another web based party planning application providing you with all the particular gears related to the party. Differentiated feature of punchbowl is that it gives the information about different venders that will help you out in planning different areas of the party. It also provides with the templates of the invitation cards to the guests. You will find this application very useful and better than many others.


Ping is also an even/ party planning application with its specialty of importing information from the social networking websites like face book or twitter. You can also upload your party information on these websites using Ping. It can also provide you assistance in online ticketing. By just clicking on the particular guests from your face book friend list or twitter list, ping will send the invitation through email or directly posting on their walls making them aware of your party and the rest of the details.

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