LG Optimus 2 Android Smartphone Revealed

LG Optimus 2

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LG Optimus 2 Android Smartphone Revealed :

Recently LG Optimus 2 Android smartphone has caused the smartphone fans to applaud with evident glee! Apparently LG manufacturers have updated their original Optimus smartphone device! The updated device is known as LG Optimus 2 and has the fabulous Android OS (yet, again). Moreover, the good news of this decade is that LG’s this product (the Smartphone, Optimus 2) is a lot more affordable then the other LG smartphones or any other smartphone in the league these days.

LG Optimus 2

Specifications of LG Optimus 2

So, this budget friendly LG Optimus 2 is featuring a fabulous 3.2 inches touchscreen that is capacitive enough for the touchscreen lovers and the smartphone has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, that is appropriate enough. The total processing speed is around 800MHz and the processor comes along the Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Among other outstanding specifications of LG Optimus 2 are included a powerful 1500 mAh battery that offers appropriate battery life and a card slot (micro SD) that is capable of taking up to cards of 32 GB. Moreover, the smartphone comes along a 2GB card already installed.

An Affordable Smartphone!

I have mentioned earlier that Optimus 2 is going to be an affordable smartphone, however, that is something announced all around but the exact price is yet to be disclosed by the manufacturers. I, and many other smartphone lovers, now keep hoping to have the price considerably affordable to quench our love for smartphones. I would suggest you all to stay in touch with LG Company’s official website and see their latest updates.

Originally LG Star caused a wave of fame all around the globe, but these days LG Optimus 2 is the only topic on everyone’s mind or mouth! It’s hard to imagine LG would ever lose the battle of this hi-tech smartphone technology! With Blackberry, iPhone, Apple etc, in the league of competitors, LG has some serious and very consistent work to do! LG Optimus 2X also supports Android 2.2 (wished for anything less or more?).

The key factor in this smartphone by LG is the Tegra 2 dual core processor of 1GHz that is coupled with low power and impressive GPU system (this one comes from the Nvidia Graphics). The dual core processor is definitely very worthy because it speeds up all the processes and makes video playing and streaming very easy and fast!

The New Tech Battlefield!

The news wave from Mobile Congress brought glad tidings of a lot more dual core smartphones that are coming soon! This ‘coming soon’ wave also includes the Samsung Galaxy S2.  Talking about another competitor of LG ; HTC has already caused a stir and spark in the smartphone market because of a fabulous Android overlay!

Now, these big shot names in the smartphone market are definitely luring but you can only love something that’s within your reach and LG Optimus 2, is near your grab! LG Optimus may not appear to be the best fantasized option, ever, yet it certainly appears to be the most affordable and within reach option till now !

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