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Today a lot youth keep loitering around social networking sites. One of the prominent reasons is blogging.  Beside passion, blogging has become a great source of income.  Yet people are confused between the term blogging and website.


Lets us understand the fundamentals of blogging.  Blogging is an extension of social media, which keeps people well- informed.  People write blogs on various themes and topics.  All the emerging trends in the world of technology, internet, health, shopping, gadgets, other niches are indicated and updated by bloggers on their blogs.  A proper niche helps you to get the proper cash flow.


Blogs breathes on the intensity of keywords.  The correct punching of keywords helps the blog to appear in the front page. For any newbie, the technical words like niche and keywords may sound a little troublesome.  However, the criterion is quite important for all bloggers.  A perfect density of keywords helps your blog to get ranked at the top of the several search engines.  If you happen to be interested in blogging, please ensure to be get a primary knowledge of the blogging.  Whenever you write, the word count must limit between 400-500 words.  The very short articles are considered as spam, however, if the length stretches too long, then readers might get bored after reading them.

Difference between blogs and website

Blogs are different in comparison to the websites.  The blogs are written to communicate with the readers.  Even if you promote something, there is no direct branding.  As a blogger, you may have the complete control over the blog.  Comparatively website is a little less comprehensive then blogs.  The website are informative and the products are directly branded.  Most of the time, you do not see any changes in the content on websites.  However, on blogs you can change and edit your content whenever you want.  You can also invite guest blogger, but in website, you cannot do the same.

Let us understand with the help of an example

Let’s assume that you have to brand a product for increasing online traffic.  There several ways of doing it, however, one thing you can do is by visiting mind bloggers sites, and start talking about your interest.  The other way of blogging is to build up online relation with the prominent bloggers and discuss about your niche and interest.

When it comes to money the blogs are much cheaper in comparison to the websites.  For website one has to pay on the spot for the advertisement, however blogs can fetch you needs at the minimum costs.


The blogs are the great way to build up the proper marketing niche.  Actually before, creating a website one has to do proper home work.  Around 20-30 articles written before hand would provide sufficient information on your blog.  You should post your articles regularly. Apart from this, you have to mention the links and products.  When your blogs start drawing enough traffic then you can also join forums and seminars.

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  1. Can you please tell me who considers SPAM if blog articles are short (less than 400 words). This is a burning question for which i am looking for answer in Google.

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