Importance of Linkedin from Business Point of View

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Importance of Linkedin from Business Point of View

According to the Hubspot LinkedIn is more effective in generating sales leads than Twitter or Facebook. It is about three hundred percent more effective. Hence, it will be a smart decision recognizing the LinkedIn in the marketing plan. You will see an excellent figure when you will examine the demographics picture in LinkedIn.

 Professionals connected to a LinkedIn member

  • On an average there are about 240 contacts connected to each member of LinkedIn.
  • From the month of January 2011 to the month of January 2012, LinkedIn has achieved a growth of 45%.
  • Most of the LinkedIn members are from the United States and 9% from India.

Through these 240 contacts a member can be connected to 35 thousand contacts, they are just one degree behind from a member. Considering a two-degree level there are about 3.2 million members away from you. Here you can estimate easily, how much sales prospect are in LinkedIn. If anyone can plan an excellent marketing action, he/she will get an extra ordinary sales lead from LinkedIn.

To get the best from LinkedIn you will need to invest your time. You know millions of people are doing business over the internet; hence success will not come magically. As LinkedIn is a social networking site, you can be connected to your contacts without getting in the car or leaving the office. You can do it sitting at your home. For this you will have to complete your LinkedIn profile. You will not feel any attraction to an under construction window, same for an incomplete profile. To complete a profile some basic criteria are as follows:

  • Create your professional image
  • Convincing LinkedIn headline, you should write it within 120 characters
  • Mention your current position
  • Complete the LinkedIn summary section
  • Complete the specialties section
  • Three recommendations
  • Interests and groups

Invest time to get in touch of other contacts

Many people do not send any further message to a new connection just after accepting the invitation. To get in touch to other contacts it is necessary to schedule an appointment or a phone-call. This will certainly help you to enlighten your business career. This is a network where millions of professionals share their views and opinions.

 Post interesting links and comments :

When you will interact with other persons, the messages should be relevant to a person’s personal interest or business. Otherwise that person may not show any interest to your message. Post such URLs which will attract other members; in the groups try to post such relevant links which will help other members to learn or know something new. LinkedIn can be a perfect place to generate sales leads or to promote a business for a smart business person. When you will get time, spend some time to search LinkedIn. You will find so many things which will be useful for both of your business career and business. It is also an excellent place for both of the employers and employees.

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