HTC Evo 3D Running Windows 95/98/XP ROM

HTC Evo 3D Running Windows 95/98/XP ROM

In the older times, the mobiles phones were just the dummies to receive a cal or call a person with no cable tethering. They were the machines that revolutionized the era with plenty of innovation and usability. Thereafter, the age of text messages came into action where there is no need of any verbal communication between two distant persons. It was succeeded by push messages, MMS and mails at large. It is now the same cell phones that have now been nurtured into Smartphones and tablets in the market that can give you the inherent pleasure of computers and laptops. HTC EVO 3D is no doubt, an excellent version of 3D model but the new project is that you can boot up the device with Windows 95/98/XP or Linux ROM.

How it is possible?

With some magic which still remains within our heart, we are proud to own this excellent and superb model of cell phone from HTC. Yes, such Smartphones have got some great deals of processing power that remain embedded under the hood which can give you faster performance than the computers. One of the senior members of XDA mnomaanw developed a brilliant path so that HTC EVO 3D could also run Windows XP, 95, 98 and Linux. For getting the momentum going, you are not needed to jump a number of hoops. The clever devils over the platform have succeeded in many such operations in the earlier times and the mobile owners do not have to bother about how to do that or this! They are needed to just download the software from the internet and install it on your mobile device. Leave rest of the tensions to that software!

An unexpected progress!

Using the unmatched power of 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chip in HTC EVO 3D, the versions of Windows will simply bring you enormous features for which you were dying at once. Just use your Smartphone just like or even more than computer. Using the Windows 95 for the first time will soothe your heart as compared to using on the computer and this is known as the progress. Given you is the owner of HTC EVO 3D model, you will feel proud and pleased to choose the most favorite version of the Windows to get it installed on your model.

What is the trick?

The sole trick of using this upgrade is to go through a well defined process which you will find on different forums of XDA. Developers have suggested you to install the Pentium emulator. You should then simply make use of the APK software which has been developed by XDA. Installing a fresh copy of Linux on HTC EVO 3D with getting hold of the disk image of your favorite choice is better but the varieties of Windows will certainly pose some problem. It should be noted here that you should get your mobile phone backed up before you go ahead with any nostalgic idea like this. Simply alter some of the files to get the task accomplished. Everything is clearly illustrated on the Developer forums and you are needed to take the much needed or suggested precautions.

Summary: It will a pleasure and fantasy to run Windows 95/98/XP or even Linux for the owners of HTC EVO 3D. XDA forum has clearly explained the complete process of downloading the appropriate APK software and install it. Always back up your mobile phone before proceeding with such installation!

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