Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

Chrome vs Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading browsers ever since it became available almost 10 years back. The source code which constituents the software is even older. Firefox is a stable and mature project. However in the recent years, it has deviated from its original goals. It is suffering from what is known as software bloat. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best and most popular open source software till date.

Try running Firefox on a computer which has less than 256 MB of RAM and you will understand what I’m trying to say. Computers have become very fast in the recent years but there are still a large number of computers which have less than 512 MB of RAM. If software were to be made only with the latest computers in mind, wouldn’t all these computers become obsolete? Google Chrome, on the other hand, is a relatively new web browser which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. In this blog post, I will provide information on 5 areas where Google Chrome is obviously better than Mozilla Firefox.

Chrome vs Firefox

Google Chrome versus Mozilla Firefox

Startup speed Google Chrome starts much faster when compared to Firefox. This is because fast execution was one of the primary goals when Google created Chrome. Google Chrome is very light on system resources and so starts much faster.

Memory usage When compared to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome uses less memory. Firefox suffers from memory leakage which causes it to use a large amount of RAM when you open multiple tabs. This is not there and Google Chrome and so it is possible to use it on computers even with 256 MB of RAM.

Stability Google Chrome isolates tabs in a new process. What this means is that every tab stays in some process and so if it were to crash, it would not bring the whole web browser down. This feature is not there in Mozilla Firefox where a malfunctioning tab can cause the entire software application to freeze.

Security Both Google Chrome and Firefox are very secure. Virus writers often target Internet Explorer and not these browsers. However, Google Chrome still has better security features than Firefox. One of these features is the sandbox which isolates harmful code from infecting your computer.

Updates Google Chrome has a better update feature when compared to Firefox. It enables you to automatically install updates. On the other hand, you have to download and install the updates manually in Firefox.

In the recent months, Google Chrome has overtaken Firefox in certain web metrics. While it is undeniable that this is partly due to Google’s marketing efforts, the features available in Chrome are also equally responsible.


  1. My vote goes to Google Chrome as well. Although Mozilla used to be the greatest, it finally found its match. But let’s see if Mozilla can take its name back. Give it a chance^^

  2. I have been using Firefox since last 4 years and I am a great fan of it. However, after using chrome for almost six months, I think , it’s the time to leave Firefox 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, I do have to agree that Firefox has become a terrible memory hog at times. It used to be so fast. Now Chrome definitely beats it. But this isn’t a problem – when we have a good browser and it isn’t IE, everything is fine.

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