Features of Java and WordPress

features of java and wordpress

Features Of Java

Java is a programming language that helps in developing rich internet applications and its enhancements, like JavaScript, ensure improved performance and better stability and security of the program. Following are some of the important features of Java

1.Prototype Scripting

With JavaScript technology, you can create a mixture of prototype source code in order to make it functional for teams having diverse expertise.

2. Database Application

JDBC Database helps in executing creative ideas into user applications based on Apach Derby. With JDBC database, you don’t need to construct your own database application because it has been designed to facilitate the developers.

3.Robust Performance

Having a sturdy memory distribution and a regular trash gathering system, Java provides an amazingly exceptional query handling and type checking mechanism. Its swift compiler checks for errors and security against system crashes makes it a robust programming language.

4.Distributed Protocols

Instead of writing separate codes for HTTP and FTP, developers can use Java’s distributed protocols feature and can access their source code files from any machine.

5.Monitoring Tools

Java provides a great deal of diagnostic information regarding forensic explorations of the core dumps so that you don’t have to use anything else for monitoring and management of Java platform.


One of the best features of Java language is its simplicity since it is very east to write and debug. As discussed above, the sturdy memory distribution renders Java language to be bug free.

features of java and wordpress

Features Of WordPress :

WordPress is a well-known blogging platform with user-friendly tools and applications designed especially to facilitate bloggers in publishing their writings and interact with their reading audiences. Here is a list of prominent WordPress features which have created a significant impact on bloggers and the larger online community alike.

1.Encrypted Admin Support

The admin page of WordPress is secured with the encrypted connection using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

2.Disabled Remote Publishing

In order to keep hackers or accidental postings from other machines, your blog is kept safe from all this through disabling remote publishing option completely. Now you can only submit content using your own trusted computer.

3.Customized Themes

WordPress provides a lot of useful themes and also gives you a chance to preview your selected theme before publishing it online.

4.Post Editing

You can edit your published posts at any time to manage updated information regarding your blogs with an additional feature that helps you keep a word count of your post.

5.No Distractions

With the new WordPress toolbar, you can find a button to conceal all interface options and gives you distraction free, full-screen writing environment. This user interface helps in increasing the speed of the other publishing functions along with productivity of the writer

 6.Automatic Backlinking

The importance of employing SEO techniques cannot be overemphasized and in the case of WordPress, this comes as a blessing indeed. With the new WordPress version, you don’t need to create backlinks yourself because this automatic functionality would itself create linkages of your content with already existing relevant content over the internet.

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