Will iPad 4G Keep Amazon And Samsung Tablets At Bay?

iPad 4G

Latest iPad 4G version has a crisper display and boasts a better technology which might prove enough to keep its competitors at bay. The current features look extremely good for the users and the quad core graphics processor gives a rich user experience. Apple is expected to retain its two-third market share in the tablet segment. Faster connectivity, better display, high resolution are some of the features which will convince the non-techie customers. This device was widely anticipated by the loyal fans of Apple and the product has lived up to the expectations.

Exploring New Avenues :

Analysts believe that the quad core graphics processor will now pave way for the launch of high end games that will cater to the hard core gamers. Gaming enthusiasts will have a chance to penetrate the tablet segment and ignite the fire. The product will hit the store shelf on March 16th and the pre-orders are available from Wednesday, 7th March. The Wi-Fi enabled iPad will be available at the price tag of $499 and the price of the second version is reduced by $100. The high end model of the new version is priced at $629 and has the potential to work on Long Term Evolution network. It works at lightning speed and is 10 times faster than the current 3G version models.

The screens are better equipped with retina display and having huge array of pixels within the same area. The public believe that the latest version is an embodiment of Apple’s R&D labs and are enough to keep the competitors at bay for the short term. The hardware is noticeably improved which gives room for faster performance.

Revenue Boost For Telecos:

Are you convinced with the fact that telecom companies are geared up with the launch of iPad3? It is actually true! With a better processor and retina display, the end users would be very much interested to watch their movies, make video calls, play games online, surf websites etc. To enjoy these features with a high quality video, the users will be forced to pay more by which the companies can earn more. However, experts are not confident enough about the trend which might take the other way too! A cheaper version of the Wi-Fi model with limited access to web is the top-selling model of Apple even today.

Will It Be Apple Or Samsung ?

The enhanced version of Apple iPad is now forcing Microsoft and Samsung to come up with better competitive products. A greater advantage with Samsung is that it builds the tablets on open source operating system which is most welcomed. Hence, it is able to keep down the price tag which allows it to be a better competitor for Apple. Microsoft is making it moves slowly but gradually and is ready to explode the market with its array of technological products. The year 2012 and 2013 will witness a launch of new model with better features and performance. So, are you ready for the change?

The tablets are one of the most popular tech devices available. They have thousands of useful apps, access to browse the web and High powered resolution screens. If you are looking to stream videos through services such as Now TV then the iPad is the perfect option for anyone.


  1. I believe that the company that offers quality at an affordable price and that is Samsung. If Apple keeps its price high while offering the same quality as that of Samsung then there is no reason why people will start opting for Samsung and Apple may get left behind in the race.

  2. I will agree to you Marie, it all depends in the company if they will offer cheaper price in their new gadgets I have a lot of friends that uses Samsung aside from Apple products because it is more cheaper than what they are expecting. I think we should know how well the two product is after they finish the race of competing with each other.

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