Why Social Bookmarking is important ?

Importance of Social Bookmarking

A saving of a website by tagging is referred to as social bookmarking. It is actually a tactic of leaving trace of the breadcrumbs online. Social bookmarking is different from traditional bookmarking in a perspective that it is being saved online rather than the bookmarks which are used to be saved in the web browsers. As the social bookmarks are online, it is easy to share these bookmarks with family and friends. The social bookmarking sites mostly allow the users to browse the items depending on its popularity, or other characteristics like belongings to the specific category e.g. technology, politics, shopping, news, sports, politics, weather etc.

Importance of Social Bookmarking

Importance of Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is important due to its feature of acting like a search engine. You type the keywords of what you want to find out in the particular website, ultimately helping you to narrow down the items from the wide availability of the things present on the site to the specific ones about which you want to know. Some of the main reasons of its importance are discussed below.


Social bookmarking is mostly used to generate the traffic or increase the traffic to some extent. Depending on nature of your content and the extent to which it is popular among the users, you are guaranteed to get better traffic referral level through the social bookmarking compliances. The more you reach to the social bookmarking submissions, the more you will get the improved chances of traffic.


Sites for social bookmarking give you space so as to create your own profiles. This will enable you to list your personal websites so by listing yourself over there, you are actually branding yourself displaying your expertise with the help of the tags which you are linked with yourself. Positive impact of using social bookmarking is building of high credibility of yours by sharing the high quality links or content. It is useful even if you display your own links. The only requirement is that the content should be of high quality so as to attract more and more viewers.


Rapid indexing is one of the significance of the social bookmarking websites. You have to submit your URL to a whole lot of social bookmarking websites like Digg, De Licio, Stumble Upon etc. When you once submit your web address on these sites, you actually make your content available on search engines tagging yourself with short keywords for the categorization of your content. The social bookmarking software makes the task simplified. By one submission, this software helps the world of bookmarking websites know about your updates and activities as soon as you upload them.


When you share your content through the social websites, you actually start a social buzz that helps you in getting the backlinks from the submissions of the social bookmarking. Also, when you link your personal profiles with these bookmarking websites, you end up with the higher page ranking. It is also beneficial in terms of SEO.


  1. From an SEO perspective, the most important point is probably the one about rapid indexing. Social bookmarking helps search engines find your website. The backlink value of most bookmarking websites is suspect, since they often use the Nofollow attribute, and most people will never realize the traffic potential of a service like Digg or Reddit unless they’re very lucky.

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