Turn Your Symbian To Android!

Turn Symbian to Android

Android revolutionized smart phone market in vivid styles and it often injected a complex among many Mobile OS users that their OS is something shabby to hangout with. Before Android’s introduction to the mobile maniac Symbian was widely followed and accepted by many users even though they felt it poor in many areas. Now we are sharing a tweak to all Symbian users, and I bet this will stand out as the best tweaks you have ever read. You have an outdated Symbian phone and don’t have money to buy an Android phone, then this article is for you. Convert your Symbian to Android phone easily without any Symbian to Android conversion software or any converter tool.

Speaking more about the tweak, this is all meant for Symbian S60V3. And we are sharing an App namely, namely vHome 4.5  that will turn your Symbian Device to look smart and therefore making you feel better with new styles . This freeware will make your Symbian transform into an android and will provide all the features like: 


Includes an option to add the atmospheric conditions of you locality or any area which you would like to know.

News Feed:

You are a social animal and you are supposed to stay updated about all the news happening around you.  With vHome 4.5 you could feed news from vivid categories like Social, Sports, Business, Technology etc. 


You could directly navigate to Social Networking sites in a single touch.

Operator logo can be customized in different ways as you wish. Customizing logos would make home screen and the Apps over there cool.

    • Smart Dialing

Turn your Symbian S60V3 to Android:

Convert Symbian to Android by following the below steps:

  1. Download the vHome 4.5 for S60V3 from here.
  2. Now install the .sisx file
  3. In the settings you could see only 5 themes,
  4. If you wish to have more themes then using x-plore or y-browser extract the templates to your phone’s : C:System\Apps\HDesktop\theme_pkg.
    Turn Symbian to Android

That’s it. Now you’ve converted Symbian to Android easily. Post your doubts below. Cheers 🙂


  1. I love this! You can turn your symbian to android! I’m so curious about this.. And I really want to try this. Thanks for sharing this.. Great job!

  2. Hello buddy, thanx for your great effort, keep it up, i just wanna know if it works on NOKIA-500 (SYMBIAN)

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