Top Five Questions to ask yourself Before Designing Your Website

Top Five Questions to ask yourself Before Designing Your Website

Top Five Questions to Ask yourself Before Designing Your Website

As the websites are “on-line home” for your business, it is important to decide how to promote it. Not only should you know what works best for you, but most importantly – your target market… will they be comfortable visiting your site, stay a while and tell their friends all about you? One thing you must always remember is that web sites are an ever-evolving process. So you should be updating it time to time keeping in mind the demands of the target population.
What is the purpose of the Web site?

First thing that you should ask yourself is the purpose of the web site. Is it to provide basic information about your real life businesse or are you looking to promote sales from the Web site or are you just providing contact information like hours, directions, and email? Main areas are Entertainment, Increase Sales, Increase Corporate Brand, Product Recognition, Improve Internal Communication, Reduce Customer Service Calls,Increase Prospective Customer Base etc. This is important to decide right in the beginning as this will help you to make the basic structure of the web site.

What is the target audience?

Once purpose is defined, you need to target the audience type. It is the intellectual class youwant to draw attention of or young mind you want to captive. Depending on the addressed population group you must fine tune the web material making it more suitable.

What’s the heading and sub headings?

Make a list of everything that you like or wish to put in your current site. It could be the anything ranging from the logo to colour to titles to internal structure of the site. Invest time in searching what is currently “working” so that you know what you want to change in the next iteration. Critically review your site and find out what have you always wanted to change? What areas do customers typically get tripped up on? Do the search engines have a problem accessing all of your content? Take opinions and include/ implement them in your changes.

Why people will read your story?

Remember your site represents a story of a company on web, so your presence should be seen in all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Make your work more look lucrative andpresent it with illustrations. If you are an artist and want to tell your story so go ahead and put some collection of your work. Let everyone see the artist in you. If you are an expert writer, write often on topics which are hot in the news. Ask public comments and reciprocate the same. All you need to learn it to tap the feel of the audience and then the show is yours. You decide rules but it should connect to the readers.
Top Five Questions to ask yourself Before Designing Your Website
What’s the protagonist of your site?

When you start laying out the format of the web what plays the central role. It can be contact forms, blogs or maybe it’s where you break down your list of services and explain what you do. Your web should emphasize these major areas and help to get more attention. Make sure they’re accessible from every page on your Web site. Provide incentives for visitors who make it to these pages and take a desired action. Your site should be set up to funnel people to these pages so that you’re sure they’re seeing them.

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  1. These are really good questions to ask and i think that it’s important to also continue reviewing them once in a while not to lose sight of your goals.

  2. That’s it. It’s not just about SEO and the rankings you achieve. Your site needs to check all the boxes in order to engage your reader and get them to stay on your site.


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