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Android SMS

From letters it grew to telegram, to trunk calls and finally Short Message Services. Now, in this busy world if you are asking you a kid which is the best modes of communication then he will surely give the answer as ‘SMS’. In fact, SMS grew to become on of the most effective and smarter modes of communication that Human era has ever seen ! . Further, speaking about the Smart Phone market Android emerged as the best and smartest Operating System for more than a million guys. Now we are sharing you some Android apps that will help you in delivering SMS in a much smarter way using your Android phone.

Being an app developer of Android, I personally know which is the most searched terms in Android Market. And among the terms ‘SMS APPS’ stand more brightly and sharply compared to all other terms which I have come across in my App development life. To the millions of posts in this blogging sphere am adding another post which is dealing with same topic, the best SMS Apps for Android but I bet this will stand out  .

Android SMS

1.Handcent SMS :

Handecent SMS

Going through all the SMS Apps ruling in the Android market I felt ‘Handcent SMS‘ as the best SMS app ever  released for Andriod OS . The addictive features of this app includes live notifications for incoming calls, chat bubble, reading of vibrant notifications and much more. The most contrasting feature of this App is that you could type your SMS by yourself or even speak the SMS and the app will type it for you ! . You could also reply to incoming messages without leaving the App, which in fact is the best feature of Handcent SMS.  Other features includes SMS in 20 languages, spell checker, smileys, back up and restoring of SMS.

This app is flooded with same features as that of BlackBerry SMS app and you will be asked for a data service to deliver SMS. With attractive user interface , options to send multi media messages this App stand out very different from others.

2.Go SMS Pro :

go sms pro

This app developed by Go Dev team includes almost all important features which I shared with Handcent SMS. This app gives prime importance to the customization of the text which we are sending  in a mind blowing manner. This app too have the features like Chat style pop up SMS, SMS backup and restore, smileys, emotions and much more.

3.Secure SMS

Ordinary SMS Apps will allow you to send SMS with less privacy, that is anyone using the phone could read  your text. But with Secure SMS you could send SMS in a secure manner via AES 128-encryption and the App allows you to send texts and the receiver could read the SMS only when he input the correct password. More over the App allows you to hide the texts and set different passwords for different encryption.

These are only a few Apps which I felt as good SMS Apps which is handy in many aspects and could improve your messaging world in a smarter manner.


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