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Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline Marketing :

Facebook rolled out its Facebook timeline couple of months ago, but still there are tons of guys whom still wonder why Facebook took such a turn. In competition to Google + , Facebook released the Facebook Timeline which was a Grand Success and now most of the people use the Facebook Timeline . If your aren’t using the Facebook Timeline . Start using the Facebook Timeline here .Taking a glance over the features offered by timeline its crystal clear that its all meant for guys whom are engaged in Social Marketing. While coming across the term marketing you all get confused over the term. Wikipedia says about Facebook timeline; a Timeline is the new virtual space in which all the content of every Facebook Timeline user will be organized and shown. Replacing the Facebook Profile, in a Facebook Timeline the photos, videos, and posts of any given user will be categorized according to the period of time in which they were uploaded or created.

Facebook Timeline

Talking more clearly, by the term ‘Marketing’ I simply meant the promotion of our personal properties such as a blog, a company or even a website.  Now you all will be asking how timeline and ‘MARKETING’ are inter related. Speaking more clearly the core part of your timeline is your cover image. Its said that an image could speak a thousand words ! Similarly your cover image of your facebook profile or your facebook page could market your firm more effectively than any other method of campaigns that you do after spending hours and hours of surfing and chatting.Now we are sharing you the best places to customize your timeline more effectively and market your firm more smartly.Here are the Websites that Provide Facebook Timeline Covers :

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Providers :


This website allows you to select a featured banner from set of pre loaded list or you can even upload an image from your computer and customize it as per your imagination and ideas and add it to your Facebook Timeline. This site gives you a great pallet that enables you to inject more  graphics to your timeline cover images.


Its another way to customize your Facebook Timeline cover more smartly. With FaceItPages app you could create and customize your timeline in minutes. This designer app by virtue will allow you to add your firm’s logo, social networking links, short biography etc. which is very handy if you are aiming to market much more with your firm via Facebook.


From the vivid gallery counting more than 200, cover photomagic app in Facebook which allows you to to perform magic with your Facebook timeline images. By following a simple two steps you could finish your Facebook timeline cover image after adding, mixing up all the graphics in intense style.

These all are places that allows you to customize your Facebook Timeline cover image. But if you are talented with good imaging skills you could simply create you own timeline cover image with PhotoScape or Photoshop. To sum up, we could easily conclude that Facebook cover images are the best way to market your firm smartly and earn tons and tons of followers. So sneak and peak int the abode of Facebook cover images !

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The Post about Facebook Timeline Marketing was written by Geo Jolly.


  1. If you have just decided that you will join the Facebook bandwagon for internet marketing campaigns, then consider yourself a little late.

  2. This might be a good way to marketers in order to get current clients to their website. I do not prefer to use timeline sometimes because it has disadvantages to users.

  3. I also noticed when I had open my fan page, facebook want me to upgrade my fan page with there latest timeline page. Thanks for this information!Now, I can now enhance my page on facebook. Actually I don’t have any Idea on how to set up the new timeline page on my facebook.

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