Top SEO One-liners For Bloggers

SEO One Liners for Bloggers

SEO its a common term that we all come across in the world of blogging. But most of the guys in this sphere may become wild and frustrated over the statements of a SEO Specialist (as said and pretended by them). And I have a different approach for you all. I cold surely shout that mine will work for you in every second of your blogging life. But, the tedious( not much) task of making it alive is yours.

 SEO One Liners for Bloggers

While speaking more about Search Engine Optimization techniques, a newbie may think that it is quite complex, frankly me too had a feeling of struggle when I came across ‘SEO’ . But experience overthrew all such myths which hauled over me. Here are the top 5 SEO One-liners that each blogger should follow :

  • CHANGE YOUR MINDSET : You may be wondering why am teaching moral ethics here. But speaking more precisely, most of them belive that an article of 60o+ words and some blue links in between will improve your SEO. But experiences of mine overthrew such daft thoughts. An article can be tagged good if it is broadening the topic in a perfect manner and it includes appropriate images, videos and news updates.
  • INTERNAL LINKS : Whenever you are dealing with the topic of SEO most of the guys get confused over the term internal linking. By internal links its meant that you link to some good websites, say Wiki pedia or simply mention them in your posts. By doing so Google while indexing will surely like your referral to authority.
  • BUILD BACKLINKS : Most of the time, it happens in every 2-3 month gap I come across the question what is your Page Rank ! . This question clearly reveal the fact that most of the bloggers are concerned about the page rank. But page rank is nothing while speaking about Search Engine Optimization. So, being a blogger our prime aim should be to build back links(high quality) . So while building good back links your sites reputation graph will surely creep up and your page rank too.
  • RIP META TAGS : I could easily point out tons of bloggers whom still follow the old SEO strategy of Meta tags and complain that their SEO Strategy of meta tag is not good. But the fact is that the idea of Meta tags for good SEO is simply a daft idea. So its hard time to bid good bye to such strategies.
  • LOWER THE BOUNCE RATE : Bounce rates have a great affect on your SEO. If a visitor not at all visiting your other pages then the core reason is that your content is not at all interactive and interesting to read, and which in turn increases the bounce rate.  So some good content and back links will surely make your visitors visit your other pages thus, reducing the bounce rate.

I could never bet this is the only 5 SEO strategies that you should follow. There are tons of strategies which may be effective for you in many aspects. But I bet this 5 will work for you .


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