Take Your Apps On Way With LiberKey


Most of the guys in this sphere of Computer World rely on tons of Apps for the development and snuggling of their ‘Computer’ life. But, most of the Apps developed by the professionals provide a difficult interface which indeed consumes a short span of time to become friendly. Moreover the greatest misery comes when you are in midst of a journey and you feel it difficult to work with the Apps in the new air. Exceptnothing is sharing you a great freeware that will help you in finding an ultimate solution for this misery, namely Liberkey .

Liberkey is a library of Apps of your choice that could be run on any computer from your portable device like a pen drive. Liberkey gives you a great space to add tons of Apps to its library and carry it where ever you go and use it any computer any where at any time. This unique style of Liberkey make it different from all other Apps, may be due to this extraordinary style of it made it the best App in many leading sites.

Unlike other Apps , Liberkey is an application platform for you local as well as portable usage.  Moreover it add more ease to you computing life by providing easy access to apps quickly and without much skill. Installation of any App from the menu of Apps in Liberkey catalog can be done in two clicks. After successful installation of the freeware the user could select Ultimate, Standard or basic suite depending on their usage style and needs.



  • Advanced menu to Organize and Manage all your Apps.
  • Floating menus for access through desktop.
  • Portable desktop and file associations.
  • Online buffering done by auto.
  • Closure of smart applications.

LiberKey Ultimate have the following free programs :

  • Multimedia
  • Graphics
  • Internet
  • Security
  • Network
Bull’s Eye :
  • PUBLISHER : LiberKey
  • VERSION : 5.6.0207
  • RELEASE : 2012
  • OS  : Windows XP/Vista/7
  • SIZE : 4,411 KB
  • RATING: 4.28/5.0

Download LiberKey 5.6.0207.



  1. I love free-sharing sites before. It is one way for me to discover more interesting softwares online. But I am more careful in choosing which software to apply after changing my computer from Windows to Linux. I am checking out the link later to know liberkey is compatible for Linux. Thanks for the insights.

  2. Thanks for the free sharing of liberkey. Although, there are a lot of computer apps in the Internet that may not be compatible to other software. I think I should first check the compatibility before taking my own apps.

  3. Liberkey is an innovative and nice application. I must say that it is fun and at the same time a great thing when it comes to being able to operate with. I must suggest it to people who like modern and technologically helpful applications. This works really well and operates at a nice level besides being easy to use.

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