How to Increase Internet Browsing Speed in Mozilla Firefox


How to Increase Internet Speed on Mozilla Firefox :

Mozilla Firefox, is one of the Fastest Browser among all browsers (Not more than Google Chrome :P). To be frank Firefox is the world safest browser than Internet explorer. It is known for its Billions of Addons and extensions. If you are a Firefox user and not satisfied by its speed, you can increase the browsing speed by 40-50% just by editing configuration of the Browser. This trick will work only on updated version of Firefox So, don’t forget to update your browser.



Mozilla Firefox

• Browser should be updated for better results. Click here to download latest version of Mozilla Firefox
How It Works:
40-50% of Browsing speed can be increased by editing the configuration and No of requests sending by the browser
It decreases the no of connections connected and uses the internet for only useful tasks


1. Internet speed can be increased by 50%
2. This can be down only on Firefox because option of editing the configuration of browser is provided only in Firefox
Be careful, don’t mess with their values which leads to reinstallation

How to Do:

1. Open Firefox, type about:config and click go
2. Oops!! Warning……just ignore and blindly click I’ll careful, I Promise!

I'll Careful I promise

3. It’s time to test your patient and look for these lines

• network.http.pipelining
• network.http.proxy.pipelining
• network.http.pipelining.maxrequests

4. Change their values as Recommended, just double click them to change

network.http.pipeliningis changed to TRUE
• network.http.proxy.pipeliningis changed to TRUE
• network.http.pipelining.maxrequests is Changed to 40

Mozilla 2

5. Right click on the empty space, navigate to New and then to Integer
6. Name it as “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” without quotes and set its value to 0. I.e. is time taken by the browser to act on its received information.

Mozilla 3

7. That’s it, Now your browsing speed increases by 30-40%.well I said I will increase your speed by 40-50%, try these simple steps to increase the speed by 10%

Additional steps to Increase Internet Speed:

Clear all Browsing History
• Download History
• Clear cache
• Delete Cookies
• Clear Save Password .


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