Best Techniques to Maximize Social Media Content Sharing

social media content

If you are trying to get content shared in social networks like Facebook or Twitter, here are list of best techniques to maximize social media content sharing.

For Blog Post :

This starts with the content. Try to follow these guides to make posts that are suited for sharing:

  1. Make use of short yet provocative headlines and has relevant keywords
  2. People would link more if the post contains opinion, analysis etc
  3. People do not want to read something which is part of series or can acquire elsewhere or would talked about the whole. It must be unique
  4. People would like to share novel and interesting content
  5. Post blog post Monday to Wednesday to maximize sharing
  6. If you like more comments, do not be afraid to inquire in your post

Facebook and Twitter are two to places to grab content shared. LinkedIn and StumbleUpon are also great. Here are the best techniques to maximize social media content sharing for this two social media sites.


  1. Be sure that your tweets are short to let the text be added
  2. Avoid technical terms
  3. People prefer tweets which are written well and do not use lots of abbreviations
  4. Endorse new blog post weekdays
  5. If you can, use words such as analysis, opinion and insights. Post the words to get more links and views
  6. For best re-tweets, make use of headline tweets, right punctuation with some or no abbreviation, and written with noun and must be in third person.
social media content


  1. Post not more than once in a day. For the maximum sharing, you have to post day after day
  2. Write post to lower reading levels. People share and read contents written to lower reading level
  3. Prevent jargon. Technical terms do not do well in Facebook
  4. Repost or post essential items in weekend for the utmost sharing
  5. People prefer post that are written well and do not use lots of abbreviations
  6. Usually, the best time create post in Facebook is in the morning, before noon hour and early evening, these will often appear in the wall’s of your friends
  7. Include images with the link to post. People hit on and share these links with graphics frequently
  8. For some video content, you have to mention in Facebook posts the term video. Post that mentions videos, get high links and share in Facebook
  9. If you can, make use of works like analysis, insights and opinion. Post with these terms to get more links and views
  10. Watch for the comments in weekends. Facebook users comment frequently during weekend
  11. If the post includes images, mention in Facebook the terms photo. However, the post mention photo gets higher comment rate. For instance, telling something in facebook in terms of photo would get more comments compared to just something related to video
  12. Use post or headline that has numbers, if feasible like you would find five good tips in permitting.

These are the best techniques to maximize social media content sharing for these two social media sites.

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