8 Tips For A Smart Laptop

8 Tips for a Smart Laptop

Its the month of February and its the month of love, time to give love and  take love. Being a techie, I always come across a dozen of people complaining that they do not know how to show their love to their laptop. And now I got a answer to all those guys. As your laptop works hard for you, process whole task which you command without any imperfection, being a master you must also take a step to show your affection towards your helpful companion. I know you all come across thousands of blogs dealing with the same topic, but I bet this one will stand out from them.

8 Tips for a Smart Laptop

Technological advancement and the wave of changes brought by it is quite amazing and its very difficult to define how much inevitable is technological advancement in our day today life. Even though you got a million technology to help you for keeping your laptop nourished, here are some basic tips to keep your laptop healthy and boost its energy :

  • CLEAN IT -This word is familiar to you all guys, but the expression that comes on our face on encountering the phrase is quite interesting. Cleaning your laptop periodically is a core tip for improving your life of your laptop. Cleaning includes both physical as well cleaning of your memory. Your memory may compose of many junk files and unused wares, deleting those will add a boost to the memory and will keep it fresh. Organizing your desktop icons also affects the speed of your laptop very much.Computer Clean
  • PROPER SHUTDOWNS– We all are busy, and we don’t have time to waste, but shutting down your precious laptop is never a wastage of time.  I have seen many guys simply closing the lid and forcing the laptop to sleep without closing the open windows.Such practices simply make your laptop heat and sooner or later the strength of processor will gradually decrease.
  • TREAT IT AS AN INVESTMENT– “Investments are subject to market risks” Its a commonly heard statement and its same with laptops too. If you are treating laptop as an investment then its prone to many problems and you have to protect your laptop accordingly. Go for a case to protect the laptop, and try some cool graphic designs on lid so that the made texture is never lost and in addition you could add a funky look to your laptop.
  • NO SPILLS PLEASE– All electronic devices designed till now treat water and fluids as its evil. Its same with laptops too. I have seen many companies offering spill proof keyboards but the ultimate fact is that spills will harm your laptop and its strength very badly.So better go and drink something away from computer and work on it ( 😀 )
  • KEEP IT AT NOMINAL TEMP– We all are prone to temperature changes, some guys do not like hot conditions others feel bad when its cold. Laptops are also prone to temperature, when its cold just wrap it in a  blanket to keep it warm. Humid and hot conditions can cause the expansion of hard drive leading to serious troubles.
  • USE GOOD PRODUCTS– I have seen many guys asking for the cheapest product available in market to clean their laptops. But, I will never say you should not buy cheap products but make sure it won’t harm your laptop by asking advice of guys who have used it. Never try detergents shampoos on laptops since they are heavy for the laptop.
  • CREATE A GOOD ENVIRONMENT– Even though its name says its ‘lap’ friendly actually its not. Most of the companies ask its users to use laptop on a flat and hard surface for reducing the heating effects. But most of the laptop users just use their laptop of beds thus leading to over heating, reducing their laptops life.
  • RECYCLE– If you are buying a new laptop leaving the old one then its better to resell or donate your laptop rather than keeping it in your house without any purpose.

These all are some basic strategies for keeping you laptop smart and increase its life. Keep glued to these tips and its all you need for keeping your laptop alive for long time.


  1. I love my laptop and I consider it to be the top gadget that I own. I am very happy that you have put up this useful post here that will most definitely aid me in keeping my laptop smart and making it bigger and better to have all the data that I need on it. Thanks a lot for sharing, it is a great piece and also is very helpful. Cheers.

  2. Laptops are the future of the technological world and are sure to make everyone be owners of them soon. I think we have come a long way from the days that there were only a few computers to now almost every house having one and what I think is even greater is the penetration power that the devices have. Thanks for the tips, they were very helpful. Take care and cheers.

  3. Also, ensure the ventilation for your laptop at all times.Proper ventilation will result in a longer life term and will produce less hardware problems in the long run.

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