3 WordPress Themes for Gamers

Wordpress Theme for Gamers

WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform, has tons of themes out there. Some are geared towards women, some towards men, some for musicians, artists and photographers. But which themes were created with gamers in mind? And, out of those, which are the best? Well, these are the three coolest gamer themes for WordPress of 2011.Wordpress Theme for GamersGamezine– A cool layout that allows plenty of room for screen caps and YouTube videos, this theme is awesome. The title section includes a sky and helicopters that look like they’d be at home in any of the latest war games.  A dark blue background really allows text and images to pop.

Katana – For the fans of the Final Fantasy series, this is the gamer theme for you. Splotches of bright red blood and a samurai sword liven up the grey background. The title area has Japanese anime characters preparing for battle.
Old School – If you are a fan of the classic Nintendo system, then this is the WordPress theme for you. The title area has a sketch of the original remote, plus power cord. It’s all about the content with this one, which is perfect for your posts on 8 bit games.

No matter what your tastes as far as games go, you’ll love these three gamer themes for WordPress. Take a look at them today and see if your gamer blog wouldn’t look tons cooler with one of these themes to back it up.

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