Which is best ? Android or iPhone ?

Android vs Iphone

Technologies used on mobile phones are being improved everyday. Every company is trying to implement new things for their phones to catch up with other rival companies in the market.

Being a leading mobile manufacturer in the world , Nokia is lagging in the race of smartphone, giving way for Android and iPhone.

Where Android is a cost effc brand and iPhone being a brand of luxury! Although iPhone phones are costier than android phones, the price margin is compromised by lot of top class features which stay ahead than its competitors.
Both of them have positive as well as negative aspects of their own which can be seen in this iPhone vs Android comparison.

Android Phone vs iPhone 2

Look & Feel:
You might have noticed iPhones flashing with the amatuer design of phone body. Where android phones doesnt look as much dashing as iPhones are.

App stores:
Android is a step ahead with its app store named as “Android market” . As android is open source it gets lot of free wares to its basket. Where iPhone has less freewares but quality of apps is more in appstores as apple review products before accepting them to their store.

User Interface:

User interface really rocks in android , especially with a wonderful notification bar and widgets. But still iPhone has well carved icons and other small things.

Cost & Maintenance:
Open source android is very much cost efficient than luxury iPhones.

Multitasking is really smooth on iPhones , you can swap with multitasking apps by long pressing home key and by sliding through. But multitasking is more improved in ICS.

Social Media:
Although google failed to build a successful social community site, Google android is never behind when it comes to social media integration.

iPhone camera is a really the best , although android sgs2 gets the highest resolution, iPhone rocks by its clarity and capture speed.

Android vs Iphone

Artificial Intelligence:
iPhone 4s became popular because of a intelligent personal assistant it has, by name siri. From which you can get things done on phone just by talking in a casual language. Although similiar clone app by name iris is available for android users also, they really differ a lot. iPhone siri is marvellous.


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