Top 4 Software for Modifying Images Sizes

4 Software Photo Editing Software

Images/pictures explain more than words and speeches. If user is in need of modifying/resizing any qualities of images, it requires image editing software products. We discussed one of most widely used image editing softwares.

1. Windows photo editors 

Windows default photo editor offers convenient and ease user view of images. Windows photo editors arrange images according to their images types if user specifies. Windows photo editor has ability to resize, cut, make bigger, make smaller and with some photo editing tools. Windows photo editor after got renamed by Microsoft office picture manager. Windows photo editor doesn’t require downloading plug-in for basic image editing operations. 

Photo Editing Softwares

2. Crunch 4 Free Software 

Crunch 4 free software as it name implies it enables user to crunch/stripe the part of images want to or whole image according to user requirement.

Crunch 4 free software tool permits user to edit one format of image to get modify and convert to user required format.

Crunch 4 free software makes process of uploading high pixel images to web ease by strip part of image want and compress it and process of uploading becomes quick. 

3. GIF Reducer Software

 Most windows photo editing software user may feel that software tool doesn’t allow to modify/edit/convert .GIF (Graphical Interface Format) images.

Using windows photo editor users unable to create or modify images in .GIF format. So GIF reducer software comes to the rescue, thus it allows .GIF images to edit/modify parameters/convert using advances tools imported from its JPEG, JPG tools.

GIF Reducer software also allows modifying JPG, JPEG images.


4. Puny PNG Software

In general image editing softwares after got integrated/processed images, images loses its clarity like brightness, contrast, pixel start to display. 

Puny PNG (Portable Network Graphics) allows to edit/compress/modify/convert images with very very less changes and modification, so that any modification and conversion won’t affect images.

Puny PNG software has the ability to edit images typed directly handled by mobile phones. Puny PNG software allows image to maintain effects and properties after get integrated from tool itself. So neither picture clarity nor degrade image quality happens here.

Users whose in need of uploading various images to web this tool is best of all image editing softwares. 


  1. Scaling of the picture or reducing image sizes seem complicated to me. It is because I am not familiar with softwares. I would love to try Crunch 4 Free Software since it is a free software and sounds interesting to use. But I am to sure if it is available for the Linux users like me. Anyway, thanks for the interesting post.

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