Another attempt by RIM with Blackberry Curve 9380

Blackberry Curve 9380

” BlackBerry ” the name suddenly nurtures some great feelings which make you feel magnanimous and injects some vanity into your feelings. But, this is not the state of RIM now. From the fruitful days Blackberry soon perished their brand name by releasing out products without much innovations and change in design, but with a tremendous increase in price tags with which the boxes are packed up. Eyeing their new product BlackBerry Curve 9380 in the same point of view, I felt this phone as cheap compared to its brothers but not so interesting enough to catch minds !

Starting from the history of RIM, BlackBerry 9380 is first ever touch screen phone released title in their ‘Curve’ series.  RIM ‘s intention to release a dozen of phones in the series ‘ curve ‘ was to over throw and wash out  all the blame they have stained on with them by releasing some costly phones. So speaking about the BlackBerry Curve series, a normal technology guy should expect a line up of budget phones, and BlackBerry Curve 9380 doesn’t make a difference to that thought. So, with their low price tag and offering its users full  BB 0S 7 experience I expect a heavy flock of customers to go for BlackBerry Curve 9380…

Comparing BlackBerry Curve 9380 with BlackBerry Torch 9860, I felt this phone- BlackBerry Curve 9380 as  a down graded, cheaper, and affordable version of BlackBerry Torch 9860. I could still re collect a review of BlackBerry torch 9860 in which the author’s main draw back bout the ‘Smart Phone’ was the ‘ heavy ‘ price tag with which its boxed. Even though I described BlackBerry Curve 9380 as a ‘Downgraded’ Torch 9860, there is a hand full of contrasting differences between the two. Starting from the spinal, BlackBerry Curve 9380 has a less capable processor, smaller and low resolution display. But, both look alike in design and style, what makes the real difference is the price tag and the features with which the Curve is build. Here are some core features of BlackBerry Curve 9380..

             PROS  :

  • Single Core 800MHz Processor.
  • Quad-Band GSM Network and tri band 3G network with HSDPA.
  • 3.2 inch, 16 M colors, TFT touch screen with HVGA Resolution.
  • OS : BB OS v.7.0.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 5MP fixed focus Camera with LED Flash.
  • WiFi , Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Proprietary email service, data security and maps provided by BlackBerry.
  • GPS Receiver.
  • An inbuilt memory of 150 MB and a hot swappable micro SD card slot up to 16 GB.
  • Optical track pad, 4 physical buttons at the bottom.
  • Video player supports DivX and Xvid extensions.
  • Fast boot times with solid build in quality.

         CONS :

  • No secondary camera for Video Calls.
  • No FM Radio.
  • Web browser doesn’t support Flash.
  • BlackBerry Internet service account is a must .
  • Audio quality is shabby and poor.
  • Misses a QWERTY keypad, physically.
Blackberry Curve 9380

Now, I think you all have a crystal clear view of BlackBerry Curve 9380. The main credibility of this phone is that it offer you a BlackBerry at cheaper price to your hands. But the most disappointing aspect of this phone is that it fails heavily to make use of the spectrum of features offered by BlackBerry OS v7.0. Further, the phone lack High-Definition video recording which is inevitable in phones of this range with a 5MP camera. More over, the number of Apps that BlackBerry could offer to you all is few, and what all offered is bit costly too.

So here is my Ratings for this phone :

  • DESIGN                        : 7.2/10.0
  • FEATURES                : 6.8/10.0
  • PERFORMANCE     : 7.0/10.0
  • PRICE                            : 6.75/10.0
  • OVERALL                   : 7.1/10.0

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