10 Really Cool and Funny Google Tricks

10 Really Cool and Funny Google Tricks

Google, the most-used search engine on the web has been used by millions for over a decade. Whether it’s news from all over the world, politics, celebrity gossip, finding out the exact location of a place, ideas for remodeling your house or even what to wear at the PTA meeting, Google has answers to all your questions. Also, you get to store your documents and photos, access social networking sites, translate any language into another, send emails and many more. Apart from all these incredible features, Google also has some cool tricks up its sleeve that are sure to amuse you. Have a look.

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1. Google gravity

Type  Google gravity in the Google search box and hit I’m feeling lucky. You’re in for a surprise as you find all the page components fall down due to gravitational pull. You’re actually directed to the Google gravity page which is an experiment project by mrdoob.com.

2. Epic Google

Type these two words Epic Google in the search box and click on I’m feeling lucky. You’ll be taken to a version of Google in which the font size of the homepage will keep getting bigger and bigger until it becomes difficult for you to keep reading.

3. Google Hacker

What would the Google homepage look like if it has been hacked? To find out, type in Google Hacker and hit I’m feeling lucky button.

4. Annoying Google

Trust Google for even helping you to get annoyed. Type Annoying Google in the search box and click I’m feeling luckybutton. You will be taken to a Google homepage having words in alternate capital and small letters which might make it a tad too annoying to read.

5. Askew

Type in Askew in the Google search box and click on Search. You will be forced to tilt your head.

6. Pacman

Google lets you to play Pacman, both in single player and multi-player modes. Go to www.google.com/pacman/. Click on the Insert Coin button once for single player mode and twice for multi-player mode.

7. Meaning of Recursion

In the Google search box, type Recursion and click the Search button. Google, in turn, asks you “Did you mean Recursion?”

8. Google rainbow

In the Google homepage type Google rainbow and hit I’m feeling lucky button. You’ll be directed to a brighter version of the homepage where each component changes colors to create a vivid rainbow effect. Some may find the constantly moving combinations of reds, blues and greens a bit too bright for the eyes.

9.) Google Loves Maths :

Search in Google (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

10.) Google – No Chuck Norris:

Go to Google > Search “No chuck Norris” and click > I’m Feeling Lucky

These funny tricks are sure to lighten up your mood especially when you are having a boring day at work or at home. Just remember that you need to turn off Google Instant Search before trying out these super cool tricks.

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