Editing Header File in Freshlife WordPress Theme

Editing Header File in FreshLife Wordpress theme
Editing Header File in FreshLife WordPress theme
Editing Header File in FreshLife WordPress theme

Most of the People using FreshLife WordPress Theme by ThemeJunkie may be wondering How to edit the Header File . In other themes it’s easy . Just go into the hosting account search for the header banner , edit it , upload it . But this is not like that . You have to do some steps . You may be searching this in forums , and many more . But i found a solution by adding some code .

Step 1 : Go to your WordPress Account > Appearance > Editor > Stylesheet

Search for #header using Ctrl + F

Here is a ScreenShot :

Click to enlarge the Image .

Now below the #header Add the following code :

background-image:url(‘Your Header file URL‘);

Enter your Header file Image in the Text in Red . And never forget to add the symbols in Blue.  Look for the Quotations carefully whether it is single or double .

That’s it .. be Careful while adding . And if i had solved your Problem don’t forget to comment below . If you have some doubts too comment below ! 😉

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  1. I want to edit the width of the freshlife theme but a large number attempts have been failed to do so.Please can you inform me how to edit width in freshlife theme ?

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