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3D Crafter
3D Crafter
3D Crafter

Most of the movies , albums and shows happening around your vision is now pictured and released in three dimensional ( 3D ) views.  How about a tool that would help you in moulding 3D models by your own ?  Except Nothing is now offering its readers a tool that injects an  intuitive method of interaction in the sphere of 3D Modelling, namely 3D Crafter ..

3D Crafter, formerly known as 3D Canvas is a real time animation and 3D modelling freeware. By using some simple Shape Building tools already offered you could construct your own basic 3D models. On compiling and combining the primitive models and making it as a whole you could construct a complex 3D model with ease . The tools offered can be utilized to paint, crop, form and deform your models.

To add more spice to your 3D experience and show off your intelligence in the field of modelling, a unique feature to animate the models sequentially and make it out into a single video file is also seen in this tool. 3D crafter ensures weather your video created will buffer smoothly and without any scrubs offered to its viewers.

The newly designed user interface of the freeware is appreciable since the space to randomly sort out the frequently used tools is quite handy. As per the usage history of the tools, freeware by virtue will sort out the tool bar so that you could access the tools with ease adding some elegance in usage. The tool provided by us is freeware, but if you are an expert in this field of designing we prefer you to upgrade up the tool provided by us so that you could built up a game by your own too.

3D Crafter Screenshot
3D Crafter Screenshot

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  • NAME        : 3D Crafter (formerly 3D Canvas)
  • VERSION  : 9.1.1
  • SIZE            : 22.99Mb
  • OS                : Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
  • RATING    : 9.34/10.0

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