Deodrize Your System With CCleaner 3.11.1550

Deodrize Your System With CCleaner 3.11.1550...!!!

Among 9 out of ten active computer users all over the globe would like to speed up their computer. Many of these flocks try vivid methods eyeing revolutionary installments  in the software as well as hardware aspects of their computer. We too are interested in adding our part and say in “Tips To Improve Computing “. One of the simplest and easiest methodology adopted by professionals is to clean up junk files or simply deleting unused files in the directories. Instantly we would like to share a freeware, namely CCleaner which would help you in this risky task.

CCleaner 3.11.1550 is a freeware privacy control tool and system optimization tool as well . As already scribbled upon, the main aim of the freeware is to boost up your Windows and space up your hard drives. It also lend hands to those users who love to tackle their internet history. Most importantly its fast, quick and available in portable versions too..

Deodrize Your System With CCleaner 3.11.1550...!!!
Deodrize Your System With CCleaner 3.11.1550...!!!

Cleans The Following :

  • Windows : Registries, Recycle Bin, Temp Files, Log Files etc. 
  • Browsers : It cleans up browsing history, URL history, Cookies, Auto completion history, index.dat etc.
  • Registry Cleaner, Third-Party Applications etc.
*This is a portable version, so an installation process is not required.
 Black Marks : As per the rights to which its signed to, CCleaner requires administrator or a power user rights to run, proving its vanity. Further the need of these rights is to register up further components .

Whats New In CCleaner 3.11.1550. ? 

  • Recycle Bin issues is being fixed ( Build 1550).
  • Recycle Bin contents is showed up in detail in an expandable view and style.
  • Eyeing Windows 8 , freeware is designed Windows 8 supportive as well.
  • Thunderbird cache cleaning support has been improved comparing to older editions.
  • While browsing with Safari, new edition is giving a new history cleaning methodology.
  • ‘Unused File Extensions’ registry rules has been improved.
  • In FAT32 File system, deletion of files is made secure.
  • To prevent up UI freezing a tool, namely Driver Wiper tool is included.
  • Download Accelerator Plus cleaning is also improved.
  • AkelPad can be cleaned using new version.
  • Bugs can be fixed in minor.

         OBTUSE VIEW  

  • Publisher              : CCleaner
  • Version                  : 3.11.1550
  • Size                            : 3.08 MB
  • Release                   : 2011
  • OS                               :  Windows 2000/ XP / Vista / 7
  • RATING                 : 9.28/10

Download CCleaner 3.11.1555o

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