3 Ways to Increase Your Internet Connection Speed

3 Ways to Increase your Internet Speed Connection

Without a fast speed internet connection, internet users will find it difficult to connect to the web. An internet connection is the gateway between your computer system and the World Wide Web in general.

Whenever you input a data into your computer with the aim of sending it over to the internet, to get that piece of information become readable on the web, you need an internet connection.

These days, broadband internet connection is the only internet connection that offers good internet connectivity, you cannot have access to the internet faster with a dialup internet connection because it is too slow and cannot work the way things work nowadays.

Technology keeps changing every day and we need to embrace those changes if we still want to become up to date with this world. Slow speed internet connection has no benefit for the person that is using it and the reason is that it limits the output of that person who makes use of it.

If you are working in a large company where they send thousands of emails everyday to clients and other companies that have something to do with their business, I’m quite sure that a slow internet connection cannot help such a company to move forward.

The work that is meant for 30 minutes will requires more than 2-3hours before it can be done and that will also chase away customers from such organization if care is not taking.

So, what are the ways out of slow internet connection challenges that we are facing every day? Getting out of this type of problems requires us to have a solution to check what we use the internet for and then limit how we use the internet.

I have carefully outlined below three best tips to help you increase your internet connection performance overnight. The tips that I am about to share with you are what I used for the internet connection method that I was using to write on my gravity defyer and 48hourprint coupon and discount promotional blog and it helped me.

Download Less Files from the Internet

Downloading too much files from the web is one of the most common problems that normally cause internet connection to work slowly. If you notice that your internet connection system is not working as it is supposed to be working, what you are required to do is to limit the amount of files you download from the web.

Downloading unnecessary files from the web can cause you to lose your internet connection pace and that alone can make you not to be able to browse faster.

Only download files that are of great importance to you from the web and you will be able to save your internet connection from working slowly.

Share Your Internet Connection with Only Those You Trust

Network sharing is one of the benefits of the modern internet connection methods we have these days. Most broadband internet connection offers wireless services that can allow people to browse just anytime from anywhere they are with the power of a Wi-Fi internet connection access. If you have a wireless router enabled on your internet connection, the best thing to do is to disable it and make for your own use only. Once you disabled it, nobody can have access to your internet connection without your consent. However, you can also password-protect your internet connection by making sure that you use the best form of wireless internet security method available.

If it is necessary for you to share your internet connection with your friends and family, it is advisable for you to limit how each people can use your internet connection. You can disable them from visiting some websites on the internet that can consume your bandwidth.  You can do this from your internet router settings.

Disable Windows Update on Your Computer

Windows update is good for your computer security on the long run but it is not advisable for you to enable it at all times. Make sure that you configure your computer to download updates only when you want it to and by this, you can limit the amount of bandwidth you are wasting away just by a single update.


  1. I never thought that Windows update can reduce the internet speed of my computer. Thanks for the info will surely try it.

  2. I got your point Olawale. If only we can control the internet connection then this will no longer be a problem to us. This post is really great and I know many people already experience d this kind of problem.

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