Behind ExceptNothing:

Hi, I am Anirudh Murali, currently pursuing B.E Computer Science and Engineering in Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai. I started ExceptNothing on March 22, 2011.

Anirudh Murali

Like most bloggers before stepping in the blogging world, I had just zero knowledge about it, and what I’ve learnt till now is all by trial and error method. It’s been around 5 years since I began, the journey was awesome. To the newbie bloggers reading this, no matter what happens, do not quit. Thanks to myself, I started blogging when I wasn’t mature enough to think I needed money, I had started Blogging as a hobby, and later seeing fellow bloggers earn some, I tried my hands on it, and it yielded well. The methodology seemed fascinating, write content, optimize site, get paid. I was into serious blogging 3-4 years from that time. Switched from Blogger to WordPress, one of the very big move in those days, atleast for me, had to purchase a Hosting, that was my very first big purchase. I took a big leap, and switched almost all posts, without even configuring, and ended up with a pile of 404 posts. Spending lot of time, redirecting the old posts to new URLs, I got my site back in form. Our Alexa rank was around 44K, PR was 2, and DA was around 30-35.

Later rolled in the Google updates, knocked off my site from search results, and even got warning message for having too much outbound links. Later making some links as nofollow, I stopped accepting guest posts for a while, submitted a reconsideration request, to my surprise, they did accept my request, and my site was back is search results. Yet, the effect didn’t go away, I lost like about 30-40% of my usual traffic. I never did leave interest in blogging, even during my board exams, I outsourced articles, and kept my site updated. Most bloggers who started their blogs during the very same time I did, have now sold blogs, or let it expire. But even though my earnings, traffic got reduced, I never stopped updating. And after months, my site started to regain the potential, and it continued, and here I’m typing this article. Hoping for even more improvement in my blog’s stats in the coming years. Apart from blogging, my other interests include Counter Strike, Dota 2 gaming. You can add me in steam here: Anirudh Murali.

I’m currently spending most of my time in programming, because that’s my main stream of study. That takes too much of time that I couldn’t concentrate on my blog, but whatever be it, I’ll make sure I’d update my blog atleast once a month. If you’re new into blogging, ping me, I’m not a pro blogger to give advice, but still I can share my experiences. Below are my profiles in social media, do connect with me. Peace 🙂

Anirudh Murali: