Nokia 41 MP Camera Phone 808 PureView

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia’s new ideas are being greatly done , first the 4.1 MP Camera , Sorry 41 MP Camera 😀 Lol ! and a Cheap Windows 7 Phone from Nokia – Lumia 610 . This Phone was announced in the MWC Mobile World Congress 2012 and it has been said that it would release in the Month of May 2012 . This phone is worth of Buying , because it features a lot like the 1.3 GHz Arm 11 Processor and a 4.0 Inch AMOLED Touch Screen with a Corning Gorilla Glass which is very clear to view Photos taken in it . And the Screen is protected by Nokia ClearBlack Display . It has a Inbuilt 16 GB storage, 1 GB ROM and a 512 MB RAM . I thought that this phone would have a 8 MP Front camera but unfortunately it has a VGA Camera . Poor thing by Nokia . It runs on Nokia Belle OS . It’s Dimensions are 123.9 x 60.2 x 13.9 mm and it weighs about 169 grams . It comes in three colors : Red , Black , White . The Nokia 808 PureView features a Carl Zeiss camera with the 41 MP Camera  that can take some pretty stunning photographs. Now, the camera won’t take 41 megapixel photos. Nokia has said that the camera can take true 38- and 35-megapixel photos but that they won’t turn out well. Nokia also informed that this phone also features something ,a New Stuff called Rich Recording, which lets the users to record a crisp, clear audio up to a thumping 140 decibels .

Nokia 808 Pureview



Photos taken with Nokia 808 Pureview : Credits to Mashable

Different Colors in the Nokia 808 Phone :

Nokia 808 (2)

Verdict :

Nokia unveiled the 808 PureView at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The phone will retail for 450 euros, or about $600, when it launches in Europe in May. The camera technology, brought to Nokia by Symbian, will appear in upcoming Nokia mobile phones as well.


  1. hey anirudh nice postbro . 41 MP camera of nokia phone . im totally shocked . but i think it’s true . i think this phone amazing with their function . and their price is also not bad 600$ . i will buy this phone when nokia also include i3 processor in their phone 🙂

  2. Perhaps they are one of the biggest company that provides people new gadgets that can help them in their daily living. Another phone from Nokia must been a hot topic to Nokia lovers because they have the chance to experience wonderful photographs using Nokia 41 mp camera.

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