Significance of WordPress Tags and Categories


Categories and tags both are significant and must be comprehended well. Word press takes into account both tags and categories in detail within its Codex. The Codex might be difficult to understand for people who are not familiar much with website technology. This article will explain the importance of word press tags and categories in a non-tech language.

  • Categories

Categories are basically a system of organization. Categories are just like cabinets for posts, where you put each of your post under a title or heading. You can also create sub-categories. For example, if you have articles and posts about photography, then the broad category would be” Photography” and sub-categories would include “basics of photography”, “photo editing software” and etc. you can also take categories in terms of a table of contents, where each category inform the reader about the topics you write and publish on your blog or website.’


Always create relevant categories

Create titles for categories appropriately and carefully organize them. Keep the post relevant to the title of category.

One category for all similar posts

Categories give posts a theme and title. Do not add similar posts into various different categories. Place all similar posts under one main category, and of course you can create sub-categories if you want to get more specific.

  • Tags 
Tags are just another name for the keywords. Tags are specific words, pair of words, or short sentences that break down the nature of the article or post. For example, if you write an article about relationships, then “relationships” would be the broad category. The tags would more clearly specify the details of the article like love, fidelity, romance, loyalty, bonding, companionship, friendship, and etc. there certain words by which people search the related content. Thus, when you are creating keywords or tags for your post, put yourself in the readers’ shoe and imagine what words thy might use to find the article or post you are writing about. You can make use of “Google keyword too” to find most appropriate tags for your posts.

Keep the number of tags to a limit

 Incorporating a number of tags in your posts will not be going to improve your SEO ranking. The idea is to add limited number of more specific tags that flow in a natural manner. More tags give impression of spam.

Re-use the tags

If you write articles and posts in the same category in which you have written before, use the same keywords that you used previously


WordPress tags (keywords) and categories hold a great significance as they are search driven and navigational tools. These tools allow the readers and users to find what they are looking for at your blog/website. If users do not find the information they are searching, they are likely to leave as there is no point left to stay at your page. Tags and categories not only enhances SEO for a blog or site but also make it more user friendly providing ease to the readers to read articles placed orderly under categories.

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