Willing to write for ExceptNothing? You can go ahead, but before you hurry, there are some mandatory guidelines you must follow, if not, your post will be rejected.


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These guidelines are mandatory, if your post follows all the rules mentioned below, it will be published within a week of time 🙂

  • The post should have more than 600 Words
  • We can allow only 1 or 2 links, either in content or in the Author Bio.
  • The Backlinks you add shouldn’t lead to a company site, your bio should only have the links leading to your personal blogs. If you’re linking your commercial site, let’s talk. Mail me.
  • You should have a Gravatar. If not, go to Gravatar.com and add your image.
  • There should not be any affiliate Links
  • The post should contain atleast 2 relevant images.
  • You should interlink your keywords in your post with the articles in our sites.
  • Your article should be 100% unique written manually must not be spinned with any tool.
  • You must reply to the comments in the post within a maximum of 14 Days, if not your bio will be removed.
  • And atlast, Spend lil’ time to share the post 🙂


  • ExceptNothing has the right to remove the article (if obsolete) or the bio anytime (if links lead to adult/casino/expired/parked sites.)
  • We usually publish the articles which follow all the guidelines within a maximum of 7 Days, if your post do not comply with the guidelines, we’ll let you know. If it isn’t published within 7 days, you can contact us.

To submit Guest Post:

  • Go here, and register yourself with the details asked. Once you’ve registered, you can’t publish any post. You will have a role of Subscriber.
  • We’ve closed our user registration due to excessive spam. If you wish to submit your article, mail us your article with the links to m.anirudh18@gmail.com. You will be answered within a maximum of 48 hours. We’ll review and we’ll let you know about the status of your article.

What you will get from us?

As you publish your post in our site, you get:

  • Huge Exposure
  • Currently, We have a fan base of more than 5K Readers (Including Facebook, Twitter, and other Social networks), your article will gain attention of their eyes.
  • You will be getting 2 PR2 backlinks for your blog.

What to write on?

We would be glad if we can have posts about/related to:

  • Technology
  • Android
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Tutorials
  • Graphic Designing
  • and other similar articles.

Waiting for your posts to come in 🙂