Best 3D Printers to buy in 2014

Technology has grown more advanced. Now its Era of 3D printers which can print almost anything you give them to print. They are also gone budget friendly which is a huge plus point. You too can try out the 3D printer to print whatever you want. We created a list of “Top 3D printers 2014” by taking several things like Cost of the machine, usability and many things. If you have any recommendations in your mind do let us know so that we can add them up in our list if not listed.

Da Vinci

You can print a beautiful rose or your modular house using these 3D printers all you need is just a 3D printer, Good Design and a PC to start the process. The 3D printers now a days use the methods known as FDM or FFM. After you gave the print to the printer a hot plastic is melted on the surface bed and starts printing the object layer by layer.

Best 3D Printers to buy in 2014:

  1. XYZ Printing DA VINCI: XYZ printing DA Vinci is the most affordable budget 3D printer available in the world of 3D Printers. This is suited for those who are thinking to try out the latest technology without their pockets being burnt. The device is priced below 500$ and comes with an enclosed printing area which keeps your curious children placing their hands in hot plastics. The device comes with its XYZWare software which helps you to print almost any 3D model from your Mac or Windows.
  2. Cubify Cube 3: The Next 3D printer in our list is Cubify Cube 3 which is priced at 1000$ still it got a lot of features in it. The printer is compact and suitable for beginners who are experiencing 3D printing for the first time.  The attractive feature of the Cubify Cube 3 is that it connects to the WiFi so that you can share the files wireless between your computer and the printer. No more burned fingers as the printer doesn’t host hot plastics and can be used by children too. You also get pre-made designs with which you can play and print them.
  3. Makerbot Replicator 5th generation: This 3D printer takes the printing to next level with its Plug and Print feature. The company promised that this printer is faster than its previous version. The 3D printer hosts a webcam in the printer itself so you can monitor the whole process of printing from your computer or smart phone. The device can be controlled by an Ethernet and USB Connection. The device is priced at $2899. If you like to Plug and Print then this is our pick.
  4. Stratasys Mojo:  Stratasys Mojo is best for Small Business owners and who are serious about 3D printing. This 3D printer offers good tech support and more reliable for regular users. This can also print the objects with water soluble material after printing your model you can dissolve it right away in water. Another fantastic feature is it contains the washer too so that you need not to make your hands wet. The price of this 3D printer is whooping $9,995.

Replicator Mini

That’s way too expensive, we agree. But you need to wait for many companies to launch 3D printers and there will be a tough competition in the market and the prices of 3D printers will go down, which happens in Smart Phone world.

  1. I think 3D printers are the future of technology, they can make anything awesome thing is we can buy them!

    • Anirudh KarthikAnirudh Karthik05-07-2014

      But the price isn’t affordable. Once the price reduces, everyone would buy one! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

  2. Aashray AnandAashray Anand05-07-2014

    3D printing seems quite interesting. Never saw any 3D print. Looking forward to receive more nes from you.

    • Anirudh KarthikAnirudh Karthik05-07-2014

      Yeah, Subscribe us if you want to receive more news! 🙂 Same here, haven’t seen any 3D Printer, waiting for an Indian Company to launch it 🙂

  3. Rahul KashyapRahul Kashyap05-07-2014

    i love 3D printers and thanks Anirudh you are sharing this post on fb and also your blog 🙂

    • Anirudh KarthikAnirudh Karthik05-07-2014

      Everyone loves 3D printer <3 ! Thanks for your comment Rahul! 🙂

  4. Inderjit SinghInderjit Singh05-07-2014

    I love to buy these awesome printers but my pocket doesn’t allow me, however i will buy when i got money 😛

    Thanks for sharing these printers list 🙂

  5. CharmieCharmie05-07-2014

    I have read a lot about 3D printers but indeed they are costly. Loved this information.

  6. SrivathsanSrivathsan05-08-2014

    Its still too big to have in houses. If the size gets smaller I would not care about the price to have this thing in my house 😀

  7. DebarpanDebarpan05-09-2014

    That’s a nice post from you buy currently I have no need to buy one.

  8. KhalidKhalid06-07-2014

    3d printers are good. They help you make anything you want. I have read somewhere that some people make a bicycle of that 3d printer! It’s quite astonishing to read that.

    However, the Fault is that they are very costly and require a lot of money to fill the cartridges of it which is plastic.

    But after they become available for all and for more price, then we can consider buying it and that is what I call innovation.


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