Selling Old used Games to make Extra Money

If you are one among the thousands of people who is trying to sell your old used games for extra money, then this article can make you take a decision in a fraction of time. Old used games are always in a higher demand all over the world as many new people are entering the gaming world day by day.

They do start playing the video games from the old used games. This can bring a basic knowledge about gaming before starting with the latest consoles and the Xbox.

How to sell an Old Game profitably?

Selling the old games is not a big deal if the game has a high demand over the internet. If you are holding a very popular game that has been used for a couple of months, then you can surely sell it for more money through online gaming sites.

Online gaming sites provide free and premium games to their users. Such gaming sites can buy old used games from people and use it on their website. The advantage in selling to such sites is that they do take the old games in the market rate and there is no bargaining between the buyer and the seller. They do come up with a reasonable rate for every game.

This depends only upon the demand and popularity on the type of game. You can take a picture of your old used games and post it on the online product selling websites. People can watch your ad and they can start bidding to get the old used game from you. When you get a good bidding amount, you can lend it to them through any type of courier service. You can also include the shipping charges to the buyer if they live somewhere outer from your country.

Bidding can make the demand for the games to increase day by day. Come up with a time limit and make people to bid on it before the timer goes down. Some people can ask the old used games for a very cheaper rate; ignore such people as old games always have a big demand online and offline. You can get the money through any type of transaction and there will be no tax deducted for the transaction.

If you have a good and friendly neighbor, you can directly sell the old used games to them and introduce the world of gaming to them, so that they can too enjoy their time by playing them! πŸ™‚

  1. Rajkumar JonnalaRajkumar Jonnala11-07-2013

    I’ve heard about selling used goods, but this is new for me. This would be a great idea to sell the old games. Thanks for sharing such a information.

  2. Roys StephenRoys Stephen11-09-2013

    There are many sites out there to sell old stuffs. I’ve seen some used games for sale in Quickr and ebay sites…

  3. SinghSingh11-09-2013


    The idea for selling the old games is really awesome as most of the people love to purchase items in hceap price. And we could use the money to buy other things.


  4. Adithya ShettyAdithya Shetty11-15-2013

    hi Anirudh,
    Old items are usually worth a lot, collectors always look for these old games!
    informative post, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  5. TravestiTravesti11-21-2013

    This blog is really good for newbie like me and so much a lot of informative post. Truly I like it because I fully impressed to it…

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