Best Backlink Checker Tools for your Site

Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot and now it’s not left as the game of backlinks only. Still backlinks play a crucial role in the SEO of a site. Those days are gone when you would get an enormous amount of backlinks from low Page Rank websites and score more in SEO. These days you need backlinks from higher PR websites and then only your backlinks will be considered quality backlinks.

If you are a blogger then you need to keep an eye on the backlinks to your site and to make this task easy, there are some Backlink checker Tools These Backlink checker Tools will let you easily track the number of backlinks to your site.

Backlinks are of two types, first being the dofollow and the second being nofollow. When we talk about building backlinks to your site then we are referring to dofollow links only. Backlinks from good PR websites can help you in gaining a higher PageRank and Mozrank for your blog or website.

Top 5 Online Backlink Checker Tools:

1.  Rank Signals is a great Backlink checker tool. It shows the total number of backlinks to your site with the exact URLs of the backlinks with Anchor texts. It also shows proper information of backlinks such as the Alexa rank and Google Page Rank.

2.  Open Site Explorer

OpenSiteExplorer is a great Backlink checker tool provided by SEOMoz. If you are a free user then you can check up to 3 website per day but if you pay for their services then you’ll be able to check infinite number of sites per day. Many special features are also provided to premium users.

3.  Analyze Backlinks

Analyze Backlinks is a backlinks checker tool that not only shows you backlinks to your site but also gives you some useful options such as “Don’t repeat backlinks from same domain”, Find Anchor text, total links and outbound links etc.

4.  BackLinkWatch

BacklinkWatch is an excellent backlink checker tool and it provides all necessary information you’ll need regarding the backlinks to your blog. The only drawback of this great tool is that you have to see pop-up ads which are quite annoying.

5.  Link Diagnosis

You get a variety of options with Link Diagnosis. It’s up to you whether you want a detailed report or you want an optimized report. If you want the best out of Link Diagnosis then you should use it on Firefox with its extension installed.

  1. Sarah HarperSarah Harper04-09-2013

    Hi Anirudh,

    Thanks for the list. I normally use OpenSiteExplorer, BacklinkWatch and SEO Spyglass.

  2. Hi Anirudh, that’s really a great list of tools that can be used to check incoming backlinks of a site. However, I use only one of them i.e. Open Site Explorer, which I guess is the best one.


  3. sagbeecsagbeec04-13-2013

    Anirudh, I read your article.. its been a while I have read someone article.. by Reading I had two question in my mind.. Why you having concentrate only with “Dofollow”… I hope you must be know it doesn’t matter.

    Try to have links from Nofollow but from authority and have see your rankings goes up. Although many other link building methods work..

    I use ahrefs, Majestic, opensite explorar, semrush and seo spyglass tool. uh sometime scrapebox work best for me…

    • WohllabWohllab10-14-2014

      I am Agreed with you. Thanks for Comment.

  4. AlmasAlmas04-16-2013

    Hi Anirudh,

    big thanks for that great list – I normally use SeoSpyGlass and I really love it 😉

    • IshmamjtIshmamjt07-07-2014

      Hi Dear Anirudh
      I Think Open Site Explorer is The Best One. What you Think ?

      • Anirudh KarthikAnirudh Karthik07-13-2014

        It depends. I got OSE Premium, and it rocks! But, I’d choose ahrefs over OSE. Thanks for your comment 🙂

        • Harts InfoHarts Info08-11-2014

          Yes !

  5. Top BloggerTop Blogger02-09-2014

    Hi Dear. Anirudh Thank you very much for Sharing a Helpful Post. Your all Tools Working Nicely but i think BackLinkWatch is best of there.

    • Wohllab PromoWohllab Promo07-02-2014

      I am Agree with you. I also Think Backlinkwatch is Best Backlink Checker Tools.

  6. Taswir HaiderTaswir Haider05-29-2014

    Just Awesome. it’s Really Enjoyable Post. I Learned Many Knowledge about Backlink Checker Tools From This Valuable Post. Thank you So Much for Sharing With us.

  7. CoupondotCoupondot10-04-2014

    Wow i think this site is very amazing.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful site with us..This was actually what i was looking for..

  8. WohllabWohllab11-12-2014

    OpenSiteExplorer is Best.

  9. TTBTTB12-21-2014

    I don’t Understand why All Backlink Checker Tools Not Given us Same Result !

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