Best HD Games for Android Tablets

Best HD Games for Android Tablets

The evolution of games exists since decades in the whole world. Family computer games were very famous decades ago, but now more portable games entered the picture like Xbox and PlayStation. However, HD games running on Android Tablets are the most recent games, which have gained huge popularity in the world because the quality, convenience, and entertainment they offer to the hardcore gamers.

Best HD Games for Android Tablets

Among these HD games, racing games are very popular in the whole world as they are liked much by adults, teenagers, and kids. In the category of racing games, here we have a

List of Best HD Games for Android Tablets :

  • Need For Speed Shift (NFS) for Android Tablets: Need For Speed is considered as the best racing game of all time, and it is timelessly favorite of car lovers from all around the world. The game has been made by EA Mobile that offers you racing on streets of London, Dubai, Chicago, Italy and many more. In this game, you are free to choose your favorite car with a lot of specification for the race. The car can also be up graded as you unlock several things that are being locked at the beginning of the game. The graphics in this game are excellent that give amazing feel of gaming to the hardcore gamers.
  • GT Race Motor Academy in HD: The car enthusiasts from all over the world love this game. You are free to choose the car you desire from among the list of world class cars that allow you racing with high quality graphics. In the list you will find Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Nissan, Acura, Lamborghini, Porsche, and many more world class cars. You will find a number of tracks to race, and after every win a new track or car is unlocked. Thus, this HD game has offer a huge mission of racing with several twist and turns.
  • Asphalt 5 HD for Android: This HD game for Android Tablets is like a virtual world that fulfills the dream of several people to drive world class cars on some best tracks of the world. It will be very entertaining for you to play this game in wide screen of you Android tablet. Asphalt 5 will offer you to drive world class cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, and many more with several special features. Asphalt 5 is a very popular racing game that can run on your Android Tablet.

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