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If you love to play games on your Android, you surely want to have the newest and best games on your phone or tablet . There are many new games being released all of the time, and some are better than others, and some are simply just better for you than others. These are 3 great new games that have recently hit the Google Play Store, and you should consider trying them today.

3 New Games at Google Play

[stextbox id="info"]Another World[/stextbox]

A cult classic game, Another World is now available for Android. Not available from the Android Market, you can only scoop up Another World from the Google Play Store for $4.99.

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition lets you play the part of a physics researcher. Your character is attempting to escape the world that he suddenly found himself in after his laboratory suffered a lightning strike. If you are a hard core gaming, this story line should sound quite similar.

A game with primarily positive reviews, it features redesigned touch controls or the classic D-pad. With three difficulty levels, you can play with original or high definition graphics. With remastered sound and five available languages, this could be a great game for anyone who truly enjoys gaming.

Google Play 3 New Games

[stextbox id="info"]Six Guns[/stextbox]

Six Guns is a great Android game supported by most devices that is presently available at the Google Play Store. This Gameloft title is something you should try today, as it is absolutely free.

A mix of Wild West gaming and the supernatural, it is a kill or be killed gunslinging game. An amazing mobile game, your character will grab gold while exploring wide open spaces and facing challenges in places like Arizona and Oregon.

[stextbox id="info"]NBA Jam[/stextbox]

One of two titles that EA Sports recently released, NBA Jam has hit the Google Play Store along with FIFA 2012. NBA Jam is a classic hit, and you can download it for only $4.99.

A classic title, many gamers may get nostalgic for earlier basketball games, like those of the 1990’s. This game doesn’t feel completely retro, however. A modern game with great effects, you can play with your favorite basketball players from all 30 of the NBA teams, many gamers will appreciate the classic gameplay elements that infuse the title.

NBA Jam features three modes of play, including head-to-head multiplayer gameplay. This game is reminiscent of the old school game, loaded with many classic catchphrases that the original NBA Jam was known for.

[stextbox id="info"]Start Playing[/stextbox]

The Google Play store is a great place for you to download lots of top games for your Android device. While many amazing games are available, these are just some titles that you may want to try. Another World 20th Anniversary Edition and NBA Jamare two classic titles that will bring on the nostalgia; those who have been gaming for a considerable time could very well adore these two titles. Available for $4.99 each, downloading either of these games or both is a small investment in what promises to be big fun. Six Guns is another enjoyable title, and you can try it today for absolutely free.

If you are looking for new games for your Android, consider these titles. These and many other games that you can find at the Google Play Store could be a real blast; consider these and one of the many other games that you find there to have a lot of fun with your Android device.

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