Cool Google Tricks

Cool Google Tricks Do a Barrel Roll , Tilt , Askew , Google Sphere , Google Gravity

Cool Google Tricks

Google has some things which are interesting like the Google Gravity , Google Sphere , Tilt , Askew , Do a Barrel roll . This post will give you the Information to perform these tricks . And the Latest is the Do a Barrel Roll.

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Know the Best Google Doodles :

1.) Google Sphere :

Google Sphere makes the Google acts like a Ball or sphere . When the Cursor move at a side . The Things in google too move . It cant be explained in words . Try by yourself or see the ScreenCast .

Steps : Go to > Search “Google Sphere” and click I’m Feeling Lucky” > And see the Google Sphere in Motion ! Enjoy !

You can even search for images there you will fall down in laughing .

2.) Google Gravity : 

Google Gravity is more funnier that the Google Sphere . It makes every item in the Google Page to fall down. You can throw anything . Try Yourself .

Steps : Go to > Search “Google Gravity” and click I’m Feeling Lucky” > And see the Google Gravity in Action ! Enjoy !

3.) Google : “Do a Barrel Roll” , ” Tilt or Askew” :

There are other small google tricks which are too interesting . These are Easy . Try it yourself .

Search in Google : Do a barrel Roll ,  Tilt , Askew .

Do a Barrel Roll : Makes the Google Page to Round .

Tilt or Askew : Tilts the Google Homepage . 


That’s it ! Why are you waiting . Hurry Up ! Go and Enjoy ! But Don’t forget to comment .  😀

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