Move Files from Internal Memory to SD Card in Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3+

The Most worrying feature in Android 2.1 is We can’t move files from Phone Memory to Memory Card . But in Android 2.2 This feature is supported . If you want to transfer the files from Phone Memory , You have to Connect your Phone to PC , Sync it , Then move to the Desired folder . We know that it’s a hard task . There is a solution for this . Transfer the Files in Easy Steps.

To transfer files in Easy Steps ;

Download Norton Mobile Utilities (Beta) which is free in Play Store.

Norton requires Android 1.6 and above.

How to Move the Files from Internal Memory to SD Card in Android 2.1 :

After downloading it , Go to the App and select Apps Section

Touch and and hold of the application which you want to send to SD Card , A window will be opened asking “Send Install file to SD Card” , Select the Option, The install file will be sent to SD card . And you can uninstall the App in the Phone Memory and install the application from the SD card . So the Data will be hosted in SD card and Internal memory can be saved .

SD Card

Transferring Files from Internal/Phone Memory to Memory Cardย in Android 2.3 , 4.0 , 4.1 :ย 

When we install application in our android, mostly it is saved in phone memory. As phone memory is limited, it is preferable to transfer applications from phone memory to SD card. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to move applications from phone memory to SD card without using any external application :

Step 1 :Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications.

Step 2 :In Manage Application, touch on the All tab and select the application which you want to move in the SD card.

Step 3 :Click on โ€œMove to SD cardโ€œ. This will move the application from your phone memory to SD card .

Step 4 : Then , the file would be transferred to SD Card .

Now Enjoy saving your Internal Memory. If you have any doubts , comment below.

  1. amrit josanamrit josan10-09-2012

    Sometime there is no option of move to sd card in some apps.

  2. Manojpkumar PSManojpkumar PS07-15-2013

    We all know that we can move the apps to sd card in settings>manage apps, but some apps like whatsapp and play store cannot move to sd card we want to know how to move such files and free internal memory u waste my time, If u know the trick to move such apps notify me.

    • Anirudh KarthikAnirudh Karthik07-16-2013

      If you root your phone, you can move those apps to. But they won’t work. They are necessary to be in phone storage. Thanks for your comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ericeric08-11-2013

    Move to SD card option is there. But that is moving files from system memory to internal storage and not to external memory. Please help.

  4. syafiqsyafiq08-13-2013

    For android 4.2 i cannot move the apps data to sd card.there is no such button in the manage app

  5. StalinStalin10-12-2013

    Move to sd card is not enable, and in other cases its show move to phone

  6. vijoyvijoy10-22-2014

    my phone is iris 402. i tried to transfer internal memory to SD card as per your guidance. but not transfering. pls guide me.

  7. SteveSteve10-26-2017

    On the Manage Applications page, “Move To SD Card” is there, but it will not allow me to choose it for any application.

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